Mentaris is an office dealing with the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. We received a task from the customer, to design a logo and business cards.

While designing the logo, we used the associations referring to the inability of quitting addiction – it’s symbolized here by a maze.

Mentaris gives a helping hand in this situation, indicating the best way to help yourself and your loved ones. The shape of a maze and gently curved lines refer to the brain (Mentaris comes from a Latin word “mentis” – mental.)

The colors chosen by us are the bridge between hope – green color, and medical professionalism: blue. That’s why we used green going into mint, which suggests the industry, but at the same time doesn’t copy a cliché medical color scheme. It was supposed to be a strong color code, saying “we are professional, but also flexible and open”.

maze = a trap/ addiction
the shape of a maze = the brain/ mind
hands = protection/ helping hand/ pointing with the fingers to the way of quitting addiction

What we've done

  • Corporate Identity

  • Business Cards