Why Us

While implementing our projects we think of what your potential client wants and needs. When our goal is clearly specified, we look for suitable tools and suitable message that will convince him to choose your company

  • We will save your money

    We create campaigns that are intended to bring you the return on the investment – if you trust us, we can give you something that will not only be „beautiful”, but what will bring you profits for many years.

  • We have the necessary knowledge

    Website or a folder is not only the information about the company. It’s an important marketing tool, which is to generate queries to you and sales. We want our projects to meet the requirements. You can check our knowledge on the blog (Polish language only, sorry!).

  • We take care of our productivity

    In case of every project we use the internal project management system that enables us finding our way in the thick of information and files. As opposed to mail correspondence, which is sometimes chaotic, such solution enables us the insight in the work progress of each employee involved in the project. Thanks to that works are completed much quickly and nothing escapes our notice. Furthermore, we use popular and friendly applications that facilitate our work.

  • Our activities show results

    We know that each project for our clients is not only a financial investment, but it also requires time and energy. We make sure the investment is worth it. Testimonials from our satisfied clients are the evidence.

  • We facilitate your development

    Our systems enable adding new facilities, whenever you want. You can manage your website, issue invoices, generate offers and monitor businessmen results at the same time. You have access to all that from one place. Such automation of your work saves your time and enables you to concentrate on unconstrained development.

  • We believe in partnership

    We don’t treat clients as employers, but as partners. We devote maximum attention to each project and we prefer to implement less projects, but those that we can devote more time to. Besides, we always remember about our clients in case of interesting projects or investments – we are gladly make use of their services or we recommend to our other clients. We believe that together we can do more and we gladly build long-term relationships.

Pixel PR is an interactive agency which task is to build brand names and solving companies’ marketing problems.

We do not like creating “pretty” and meaningless projects – we don’t want our clients to throw money down the drain. We do our best to create brands that will bring profits to our clients.

The team consisting of best designers, copywriters, PR specialists, prepares creations that are not only visually, but also substantially interesting.

We have been constantly with passion attending conferences, fairs, reading discipline-specific books and establishing important business relations since 2007 in order to be able to offer you most favourable solutions.

We belong to the:

IT Cluster is an organization associating most innovative iT companies in eastern Poland.