The Omar Company offering e-cigarettes asked us to design their corporate identity.

Basing on collective information from meetings regarding the company’s vision, the target group and expected client reception, we created a Bond-inspired image – with thrills and elegance. It reflects a pleasant experience for men who, besides functionality, value quality and aesthetics.

The next task was to create an elegant online shop. We conducted a research and reviewed some shops of the competition. It turned out that all other shops used stock photos. We did not want to do the same so we persuaded the client to complete a special photo shoot with participation of models.

It was a very good idea because the result of this work is very interesting and distinguishes this shop from others in this industry.

What we've done

  • Logo

  • Slogan

  • Photoshoot

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • UX Wireframes

  • Business cards