Precisely after 20 years on the market, the IT company Set(h) decided to refresh its corporate identity.

The name of the company translates from the language of programming into “arrange”, “approve”. Additionally the English word “set” has a similar meaning: “fix”, “bring back to operation”.

Therefore, we created a logo which reflects the values: dynamics, innovation and simplicity. This allowed the company to be associated with an organisation which can solve the client’s problems and help in effectively managing its business.

A satisfied client came to us once again and asked for assistance in entering the German market with another product.

The product is a mobile app called Fahrel, which is designed to manage a fleet of drivers. We created the name, logo and began to work on the brochure.

Usually, advertising materials of IT companies are written in a complex language, which is why we decided to show the advantages coming from this app in simple language + we used illustrations to show how it works.

Plantator System is the second product made by Set(h) for which we prepared the corporate identity. In this case it is a system for the industry of fruits and vegetables production, distribution and processing.

The advertising materials of Plantator System are quite uncommon: they are unique, colourful, aesthetic, and at the same time fit the target group perfectly.
Those materials have nothing in common with the usual advertising materials of IT companies, which are hard to understand.

After finishing the corporate identity and the brochure of Plantator System we faced a more serious challenge.
We were asked to design an infographic showing precisely how their product works. The foldable brochure was printed on a rigid and elegant A4 paper.

The client is very happy, because they are finally able to provide their clients with an easy to understand and pleasant advertising material.

The infographic has been appreciated by the clients and … the media.

What we've done

  • Company logo

  • Logos of 2 products

  • Product naming

  • Slogan

  • 3 brochures

  • Illustrations

  • Print

  • Business cards & letterhead