Colors of Soul



Colors of Soul is a German handmade product brand, which sews individual products for children, and more. In the future, the company is also planning home decorations and products for adults.

The client has asked us to create a visual identity, because the one they had was not professional enough and their number of customers was constantly growing, so it was high time to change the image a bit.

The main goal was to make the logo not look childish and be associated only with children. The client also wanted warm colors and symbolism associated with happiness and joy. The name itself – “colors of the soul” – can be perceived in two ways – as the joy of creating, and as the joy of receiving beautiful, individual and unique products.

So we focused on a simple, but pleasant pastel color palette, which has positive associations.

We have chosen the hummingbird as a symbol in the logo because it is dynamic and is evokes movement and action. In addition, we also suggested product labels, as well as designed business cards and letterhead.

What we've done

  • Logo

  • Corporate Identity