The Budcon Company approached us with a request to create a corporate identity and website for the newly created brand.

Budcon deals with recruiting employees from Poland to work in the construction industry in Germany.

What distinguishes this company is a highly professional approach both to recruitment (careful selection of appropriate employees), as well providing employees with the best possible conditions on the spot (legality of employment, support in Polish, insurance, accommodation). Therefore, the branding had to reflect such features as safety, trust, stability, transparency, and professionalism. Therefore, this constituted the base of the corporate identity’s colors.

We chose blue as the main color because it is associated with safety and stability. An additional supporting color is orange, which suggests energy and vitality – associated with dynamic development.

The logo has a very simple and modern lettering, suggesting stability. We’ve also added a simple graphic sign, associated with the construction industry but also partnership and interpersonal communication. The sign can be used independently on various advertising materials and as an icon.

We’ve also created a coherent and professional website, built from scratch with individual graphics. On the website it is possible to apply for work through a special form that allows you to upload a resume file. Thanks to this, it makes our client’s administrative work easier. The website is of course adapted for mobile devices.

What we've done

  • Corporate Identity

  • UX wireframes

  • Web Design

  • Web Development